Cloud CORA is used by:

  1. CORA Explorer.
  2. CORA Explorer - Premium.
  3. CORA USB Explorer.
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Stay tuned for Cloud based CORA solutions for mobile carriers, databases, Smartphones, tablets, corporate clients and of course, standalone computers.

Secure the Cloud

March 31, 2017 - Stay tuned for the release of CORA, Generation 2 - introducing MUPs (Multiple Use Pads).

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What does registration give you?
  • CORA Explorer - this free Windows application gives you the ability to Lock your data - Data security that is unbreakable! CORAfy your sensitive data; work and play with peace of mind.
  • A basic subscription to Cloud CORA - used in conjunction with CORA Explorer, you may sign in, backup system files and use Cloud CORA for some of your Locking operations.
  • CORA Explorer Premium - available for $79 .

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