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(requires Windows Vista or later: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10)

Name: CORA Explorer
Publisher: CORA Cyber Security Inc.
The following prerequisites are required:

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[CORA_auth=end] [CORA_auth=true]

Use one of the following Links to download the Installer


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The Installer with prerequisite will check to determine if you already have the required prerequisite installed.
If you do, it will install CORA Explorer.
If it is not installed, it will first install the .Net Framework from Microsoft.

The Installer without prerequisite is faster and will only install CORA Explorer if the prerequisite is already installed, otherwise the installation will not proceed. If you select this option, and it fails, then you will need to select the Installer with the prerequisite.
This should be a good choice if you are installing on Windows 10.


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Unique Chaos maps and identifiers for better security.